Dot + Stripe

Hello, for the first time in a while!  I've been busy-busy with work (which is a blessing!), but I had to share my newest find: my china collection!

I never registered for "fine china" during the wedding months–I never found a set that really caught my eye.  Until now.   I found these lovelies at Homegoods this morning, and I scooped up every piece they had, which really wasn't much, BUT, it is a start.  It is Mikasa "Color Studio" bone china in Turquoise, and I was able to mix and match the polka dot pattern and chevron pattern.   Homegoods only had 8 salad plates and 8 teacups, however, after searching online, I found that they were available at the Mikasa site for about $10 more per set of 4 (not bad at all!).

Needless to say, I will be adding to the collection over the next few months, but for now, I'm excited to do fancy date nights and (small) dinner parties with friends on my new, lovely dinnerware.

Until next time!



Crafty Anniversary

Dylan and I had our 1 year anniversary this year, woohoo!  Over the past year, however, I have been (very) bad about getting any pictures printed from our wedding or honeymoon.  Enter: Pinterest.  I keep seeing these posts about getting "architectural prints" made at Staples for around $3, SO, I went for it!

I popped a picture into photoshop to get the right shape and to make it black and white (the architectural prints only come in black & white for cheap...not color!).  A few days later, I grabbed a frame to put the print in (24x36), and voila–a trendy piece of art to commemorate our anniversary.

If you want more specific instructions on setting up your picture for architectural prints, there are plenty of step-by-step instructions available through Pinterest

*the picture was taken in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on our honeymoon–we were hiking over a bunch of lava rock (low tide) to a different surf spot about a mile away. 



New Card Design

Hello, all!  New business card design hit the Etsy shop today!  This is a single sided business card that would be fabulous printed on a heavy white linen paper stock (my recommendation, anyways!).

In other news, I started designing concert posters for Gasparilla Music Festival here in Tampa and am super excited to see Ra Ra Riot at the show along with 19 other bands!  Now all I need to do is figure out what I'm going to wear...

Also, I must admit–I broke down and got a Pinterest account.  I know, I know, I have been anti-Pinterest for quite some time, but with all my work starting to compile I needed a place where I could collect my other ideas/projects/diy's.  Don't worry, though, I won't go pinning the whole world wide web on my will be well curated with things I truly enjoy and am inspired by.  Follow me here!


Oh my goodness, I found these on Etsy and couldn't resist passing them on to you!  Jan Skácelík, a graphic designer based out of Czech Republic, creates her prints inspired by midcentury modern furniture and glassware.  She even has some originals signed by the designers themselves!  

Czech her shop out here!  (sorry...bad pun, I know, I know)