Work Lately...

With all the work that has been coming down the pipeline, I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a proper blog about all the fancy peppermint bark I'd like to taste and all the DIY gifts I'd like to try…if I had time.  That said, I am feeling pretty blessed to be able to work from home and do what I love!  

Above is a tiny snapshot of some day-to-day projects that I've had a chance to tinker with.   Lots of print and web work, creative directing on the LP spring 2014 shoot & catalog, Fall 2013 catalog, Clever Training office posters & flyers, and quick insurance ad that came through today!

On another note…I am going to be an AUNTIE!  My sister is due at the beginning of March, and I am absolutely thrilled for her.  We are having a little baby shower after Christmas.  Below is the invite ;)  

Happy Friday!

Crafty Anniversary

Dylan and I had our 1 year anniversary this year, woohoo!  Over the past year, however, I have been (very) bad about getting any pictures printed from our wedding or honeymoon.  Enter: Pinterest.  I keep seeing these posts about getting "architectural prints" made at Staples for around $3, SO, I went for it!

I popped a picture into photoshop to get the right shape and to make it black and white (the architectural prints only come in black & white for cheap...not color!).  A few days later, I grabbed a frame to put the print in (24x36), and voila–a trendy piece of art to commemorate our anniversary.

If you want more specific instructions on setting up your picture for architectural prints, there are plenty of step-by-step instructions available through Pinterest

*the picture was taken in Tamarindo, Costa Rica on our honeymoon–we were hiking over a bunch of lava rock (low tide) to a different surf spot about a mile away. 



Honeymoon Happenings

Honey, I'm hoooome!  Yes, we finally made it back to Lake Magdalene after some time away in California for our wedding followed by our honeymoon in Costa Rica!  We flew into Liberia and after a short (1 hour) drive in a crazy taxi-bus, we made it to Sueño Del Mar, a little bed and breakfast just outside the surf village of Tamardindo.  Once there, we put our spanish to use as best we could, soaked up the sun, and did plenty of surfing! 

Here are some pics to give you a sneak peek at our vacay!  Wedding details and pics will be up in the following weeks!  Stay tuned and happy holidays!