about me

Well hello there.

I'm Mitzi, and I want to thank you for visiting Fancy Schmantzy. I suppose you clicked "about me" to learn some juicy and interesting details about the lady that runs this site, so here we go...

I am a graphic designer with a passion for beautiful textiles, paper goods, furniture, and fashion (not to mention food, but we'll get into that).  I am very drawn to all things that are vintage, swedish modern, cabin-chic, and the colors grey and red.

In my free time, I enjoy riding my bicycle, cooking up a storm in my kitchen, and spending time on the lake.  I love all types of board sports, including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, longboarding, and snowboarding, and nothing clears my head better than a nice, long jog. 

Currently, I reside in a lakeside condo in Tampa where I freelance from home.  My husband and I enjoy the beautiful views from our patio, and we love boating, boarding, fishing, and paddleboarding all year long in the warm Florida sun.  

Be sure to check out my portfolio – I do plenty of freelance work, including wedding stationary design, logo/branding, menu design, clothing design, and more.

Thanks, again, for stopping by, and God bless :)