Resolutions, Schmesolutions

Happy 2014!  A new year brings new resolutions, and this year, I am keeping it simple – the 5 minute rule.  Basically, if a task takes 5 minutes to complete, do it now instead of putting it off.  That's it!

It seems like such a simple rule in theory, and it has taken a few days to get used to, but, I can already see a difference in the number of tasks I am checking off my list each day.  It has helped keep the house a lot cleaner AND more organized, which in turn, makes me less stressed out.  Boom.

As you can see, lots of these are cleaning/organization related, but not all.  A few squats and lunges during commercials can add up to 15-20 minutes in no time – hello, toned tushie!  And changing filters, although it seems obvious, does need to be done!  So what other 5 minutes tasks are you needing to finish up today?  As in, RIGHT NOW?