Mantel Mania!

'Tis the season!  Hope all your wildest Black Friday dreams are coming true as you venture into the abyss (aka the mall).   I, on the other hand, am happy staying home today to put up some Christmas decorations because, after all, it is simply uncouth to put them up any sooner than Black Friday.

My makeshift mantel seemed like the most obvious place to start, and behold, we have the above photo!  I usually have a stack of photos and prints layered in multiple frames on our shelf.  Nixed 'em.  I replaced one frame with a piece of Kraft paper with a little holiday cheer written on it.  Next, I added a wreath, some candlesticks, and I filled hurricanes with ornaments and beads.  A little extra green garland fills in the blanks along with a few extra ornaments scattered throughout.

PLUS, our big red surfboard actually seems to fit right in.  Never mind the 4 wakeboards to the left of our shelf…conveniently cropped out of the photo, of course…as well as the 3 bikes that seem to only fit in the living room of all places.

SO, there you have it folks.  Our cozy apartment seems more festive than ever this year.  Maybe it's that the weather if finally cooling off.  Maybe it is that I am more at peace with our life than in years past.  Dylan and I just had our two year anniversary this month.  I cannot believe how far we have come in two years!  New careers, new home, new friends, new adventures!

Stay tuned for more holiday cheer!