New Year's Resolution: part 1

Happy New Year!  Hope you all have big plans for 2013, I know I do!

I am never good about thinking of a New Year's Resolution in advance; in fact, I normally come up with one about a month or two into the new year.  2013, however, is an exception!  My resolution is to keep my car clean, pristine, and clutter free.  For some of you, this may be easy-peasy.  For myself?  Not so.  I always tend to toss a few travel mugs, extra shopping bags, a change of clothes, a swimsuit, a longboard, a lawnchair, a battery pack, cd's from the nineties, an atlas, hair ties, sunscreen, advil, and the list goes on, in my car without ever removing them...I could probably put a child through college with all the random change rolling around on the floor.  Okay, THAT was an exaggeration, but still (darn tolls!).

SO, on that note, my car will now remain clean for 2013, and hopefully into the years to come. 

Before I actually get started on the insides (and outsides) of my car, I thought I'd tackle something small, like organizing my under-the-sink storage in my bathroom.  As you can see, a few Dollar Store bins and 45 minutes can make a HUGE difference.  I was able to organize all my makeup, medical supplies, and extra soap, contacts, and cleaning supplies for about $5.  I did end up tossing quite a bit of old makeup (sometimes I have a hard time parting with bright eyeshadows, old eye pencils, and lipsticks from years ago), but I kept the goodies, just in case!

I even screwed in a couple hooks on the door to hold my hair dryer and curling iron (genius, who would have thought of that?!  wait...every single person on Pinterest, that's who).  After tackling my under-the-sink area, I finished up organizing my mirror/medical cabinet above the sink and now feel like a new woman! 

I wish the best to you and your 2013; may your year be full of blessings beyond belief!

ps, could you please keep me accountable on the car thing?