Happy Friday!  I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season as much as me!  I always get into the crafting mood this time of year, and what better way to spend a Friday than with a trip to Michael's followed by a couple hours of nitty-gritty hands-on crafting? (If you have a husband, tell him to go see a movie...they will NOT want to be me).  Oh yeah, don't forget to make an obscenely large batch of hot chocolate ;)

Pictured above are some of my top DIY projects that are worthy of gift-giving.  I've sifted through the masses on Pinterest, and these ones came out on top because:

 1.  They don't have to be refrigerated or "used within a week".  Seriously.  Who is going to use body butter or sugar scrub or homemade face mask that needs to be kept in the fridge?  Very impractical.

2.  They don't take 10 hours to make from start to finish.

3.  They are actually useful and cute!

SO...Let's get to it!

  • Color Blocked wooden spoons: easy, cheap, and everyone can use them.  Did I mention that they are easy? 
  • Leather pouch:  easily customize the size to accommodate an iPad or a stack of business cards.
  • Felt trivet :  customize the color, shapes, and stitching, and try something outside the box: think neon, geometric patterns, navajo prints, faux bois, monogramming, etc.
  • Herb mug:  everything tastes better with fresh herbs.  Plant some in a personalized mug or hand-painted pot and be sure to pass along the directions explaining how much light and water they will need!
  • Mix CD: yes, I know it isn't 1995 anymore, however, who doesn't LOVE getting new music?  Put together a customized list and don't forget to go all-out on customizing the cover!
Merry, Merry Christmas!



leather case via martha stewart
herb mug via Laura Parke
color block spoons via A Cozy Kitchen
felt trivets (pictured is via Tereforma) via Design Sponge
CD case via Honey Bee in the City