Hello again, I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post!  With summer in full swing and our boat in the water, the time has seemed to fly by without warning!

Earlier this week I happened to be on craigslist to check out the furniture section, and yes, I found this beautiful hutch for a mere $45!  I have been searching for a bench, a large piece of artwork, or something else (anything!) to fill this large, white space in our entryway/dining area.  It is not terribly deep, and it tapers from the bottom to top–quite the midcentury design.   Plus, it just so happened to be the exact color of my dining table, also a steal from a Crate and Barrel floor sample sale for a mere $170, but that's another story! 

Eventually, I would like to have a collection of all sorts of white and colored bowls on display, but for now, my vintage tea set (thanks Mom!) and some books have a place to stay.

The hunt to fill our home piece by piece has been so much fun, and I can definitely say that taking our time in doing so has made our house seem  Next up on the craigslist search?  A vintage record player or radio–keep your eyes peeled for me!