Lack Hack

Another DIY post.  I know.  Whenever my mom and I get together, the "project juices" really start flowing.  Hence, the Ikea Lack Hack.  I had two square Lack tables (you know, the plain, square tables that are about $8) that were just taking up space in my living room area and had seen better days.  Enter: Pinterest.  I stumbled onto a few Lack ottoman tutorials and found one that I thought may work.

After speaking with my mom about the tutorial, she whipped up her own little diy pattern using a painter's drop cloth and helped put this window bench together for me in our guest room!  I had no idea that a painter's drop cloth (the heavy, canvas-like cover you use to protect the floor while painting) would work so well–plus it was only about $15, and I have pleeeenty of extra fabric for cushions, a tote bag, a table runner...well, you get the point.