Some people love Valentines Day.  Others despise the day of chocolate, cherubs, and champagne (for what reason? I can not say).  I look forward to Valentines Day each year with anticipation: 

A.  because I can wear the girliest thing in my closet and not feel "overdressed"   
B.  I get to use all the glitter in my craft drawer to make homemade cards for friends and family   
C.  chocolate...chocolate...and more chocolate–cakes, candies, and cookies!
D.  and it is my birthday! 

Lately, I have been on a major candle kick, and for Valentines Day, I plan on lighting up each and every one (don't tell the landlord!!!) around our apartment–not only will the place smell wonderful, it will look so dreamy with all the soft dancing lights!

ps: my favorite items from above?  the fancy fish matches (of course) and agate candle holders. 

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