A Sweet New Year

Happy 2012!  Sorry it has been such a long time since my last posting; between (ugh) holiday retail hours at work, late nights with friends, and attempting to decorate my plain-white box of a home, I am finally back to kick off the new year! 

Now, if you are anything like me, exactly 9 days ago you probably picked a new years resolution like working out more, eating healthier, staying more organized, yada yada yada only to let yourself down after, oh no, day 3?  NEWSFLASH:  IT'S OK!  Each day can be considered a "new year", so let's get on with it and start enjoying 2012 by nibbling on some Dude, Sweet Chocolate.  I absolutely adore this surfer-dude vibe for a chocolate company, very unexpected and a little masculine.  I also love the fact that the packaging is hand-stamped with the company's name (see the last picture)!  All in all, kudos to Tractorbeam for the lovely branding, and may you have a sweet, sweet new year.

(via invigor8)