Designer du Jour

Russian graphic designer and illustrator Iv Orlov is a wildly popular magazine illustrator; his work has been featured in Mens Health, Glamour, InFlight Review, CFO Magazine, and many more.  

I stumbled onto his work in the wee hours this morning and had to share it with you! I absolutely love these illustrations. They look like they were inspired by the Brady Bunch and the Pink Panther with a tad of swedish modern design and a hint of California glam thrown in.  I know these prints make me want to toss on a pair of platforms, a billowy top, and some insanely huge sunglasses, then crank up the Earth, Wind, & Fire!  (yes, EW&F...they still rock my world)  Anyways, Iv Orlov's work truly exemplifies simplicity of form, and for that, I adore him.