Happy Birthday, USA!  It's time to whip out the pure Americana gear (aka Converse All Stars) and rock out in daisy dukes and plenty of stars & stripes!  Here are just a few pieces of iconic American style:

1.  Gingham Shirt from Old Navy
2.  Red Nail Polish by Revlon
3.  Casio Watch from American Apparel
4.  Tote from  EcoStudioNYC
5.  White Sneakers by Converse
6.  Jean Shorts by H&M 
7.  Swimsuit from Topshop

PS: Did you know that Revlon was started by three (ahem) men that formulated a new type of long-lasting nail polish during the Depression?  Eventually, Revlon supplied all of the U.S. Army with makeup and was awarded the Army-Navy "Excellence" award!  Now THAT is patriotism!