Hello there.  I know I haven't been around much lately, however, I have big news: I will be moving to southern Florida to pursue...well...life!  My fiance is headed there in 2 weeks, and I will follow soon after. With this big move comes many changes, including, you guessed it, WARDROBE!  I am kicking away my big sweaters and setting sights on more light and airy pieces.  

I hope this inspires your summer wardrobe and maybe a change in your own life, too!

1.   Dress by Roxy
2.   Bikini by Billabong
3.   Shorts at Anthropologie
4.   Tanks by J.Crew
5.   Sunglasses from Forever 21
6.   Hat by Roxy
7.   Scarf from Forever 21
8.   Bag by Roxy
9.   Shoes by Keds
10. Tunic by Old Navy

Stay tuned for Florida part II: Home Revamp!  Lots of beach inspired housewares to come!